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Premuim Anti-spam & Anti-virus

Email is an essential means of communicating for today's businesses.  Spam and viruses are still the biggest threat to business downtime, productivity and resources.

Premium Email Protection provides an active layer of protection which comprehensively  protects your inboxes using the most updated and effective email threat protection service available.

What's the difference between Premium & Standard Email Protection

All web hosting accounts have free Standard Email Protection that provides the basic, always-on protection. It requires user configuration through your web hosting account manager. Premium Email Protection simplifies the configuration required and you the extra protection with simple management.

Key information

  • Instant activation on any hosting account, no software required.
  • Choose Premium Email Protection if your email account is experiencing spam or malware
  • combines the power of built-in Anti-Virus with Anti-Spam to keep unwanted and harmful emails away from your inbox.


Enjoy the following benefits:

  • defend against viruses and spam
  • anti-spoofing and anti-phishing
  • automatically protect all email accounts on your domain
  • automatically scan email attachments


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